View from Halte Cartwright

Day Two: An Eventful Morning

I awoke suddenly, instantly alert, listening.  I wasn’t sure what I was listening for, but I felt the urge to listen intently immediately upon opening my eyes.  I had heard something in my sleep. It[…]

Lac Villebou

Day One: Vermont to La Vérendrye

Our plan for the first day of travel had us driving first to and through Montreal, then onward to the northwest through Val-d’Or, eventually arriving in Matagami, some 560 miles away.  In order to save[…]

give me the camera please


The first significant event on our journey north would happen not far from home, at the US-Canadian border.  A few months before leaving, we both realized that neither of us had the right documentation to[…]


Our Journey Begins

It was a late night spent packing.  If our goal were merely to get to James Bay, we probably would have gotten a lot more sleep.  Our plan, though, was to travel to James Bay[…]

Just a fraction of our gear loadout

Preparations Continue

It’s proving to be a busy week for us as we prepare for our upcoming trip to the James Bay region of northern Quebec.  In addition to taking care of our day-to-day responsibilities like work[…]

smart meter

Smart Meters Are Here

Green Mountain Power is currently installing smart meters throughout its service area, and they sent their installer by our house not too long ago.  I was hoping to be able to film the switch from[…]


DIY Aerial Footage

I have been looking for an economical way to get quick, stable aerial shots for the film. There are helicopter solutions, of course, and working with folks like Tim Joy is a dream when we[…]


SYSK on Fracking

I am a frequent listener of the podcast “Stuff You Should Know,” which covers an immense variety of topics in an entertaining and very informative way.  A recent episode took a look at natural gas[…]


The Countdown Begins

It’s been quiet around here recently, but you know what they say about silence and storms… During the last several weeks, we have been specifically focusing on our plans for the next phase of our[…]