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Contributions to the Catamount Film & Arts pursuant to this solicitation are primarily for the support of STATE OF GREEN Documentary Film that has been approved and is being sponsored by Catamount Film & Arts in accordance with its purposes and guidelines.

Supporting Businesses:

Three Penny Taproom

Kickstarter Backers:

The following people pledged their hard-earned dollars to support our film via our campaign on Kickstarter, which was not funded successfully but managed an incredible showing of support by generating more than $16,000 in pledges from 101 people in a mere 30 days. None of that money actually changed hands, however, because our goal of $20,000 was not quite met within the time limit of 30 days. Along with our eternal thanks, they shall all be heralded here for as long as this website exists (in alphabetical order and unless they request otherwise):

A to Z Painting
Heather Angolano
Jayson Argento
Jane Arthur
Daniel Barlow
Nancy Bell
Sharon Biddle
Dakota Butterfield
Wendy Bridgewater
Greg Bryant
Chuck Burt
R Scott Campbell
Jen Puiia Castonguay
Dru Chatterton
Jordan Chatterton
Joe Citro
Mary Clifford
Matt Commins
Mary Corrigan
Julia Curry
Ann B. Day
Sarah Dececco
Louise Delia
Lu Downey
Cynthia Eliason
Adam Feldman
Jeremy Fischer
John and Jackie Fricke
Frankie Gardiner
Tom Gilbert/ Highfields Composting Team
Ben Graham
Andrea Grayson
Felix Grevenbrock
Andrew Griscom
Andrew Grogan
Elizabeth W Grout
Terry Haas
Sally Hahn
Nicole Hale van Harreveld
John Hopper
Cal Hopwood
Logan Howe
Susan Hoyt
Andrew Johnson
Jerry Johnson
Monica Johnson
Tim Joy
Ward Joyce
Liz Karschner
Anne-Marie Keppel
Jenny Keppel
Theresa M. Keppel
Linda Kiser
Mark Krawczyk
Victoria Kuskowski
James Lantz and Eat More Kale guy
Eric Maas
Jim Maas
Joel Maas
Sarah Maas
Suzanne Maas
Roberta MacDonald
Nancy Marriott
Todd Maxfield
Annie McCleary
Jason Morris
Janice Narey
Lisa Watts Natkin
Bill Phillips
Rita Pitkin
Lonnie Poland
Ernest Pomerleau
Ira Powsner
Al Redman
Phillip Ristaino
Stephen Rogers
Peter Romans
Henry Rutgers
Elaine Mabes Sargent
Chad Simmons
Lukas B. Snelling
Jonathan Stebbins
Carol Thompson
Danielle Benware Thompson
John Tompkins
Pieter Tryzelaar
Mike Vitti
Adam Vonnahme
Julie Winn
Carl Witke
Jerry Wood
Wooden Horse Arts Guild
Nathaniel Ziering