Day 7 – Chisasibi

It was our last day of production in the James Bay region.  We took a little while in the morning to get our gear in proper order before heading out; yesterday’s 16-hour day had further[…]


Day Five: Hydro-Quebec (LG2)

We weren’t scheduled to meet with the representatives from Hydro-Quebec until shortly after midday, so we took advantage of the free time to catch up on data logging, blog posting and equipment management.  We were[…]

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Day Four: Chisasibi

Chisasibi is a small town by American standards, but we were surprised at how large it was, given its locale.  We knew that the town had about 5,000 residents, most of those being native Cree,[…]


Day Two: The James Bay Road

At kilometer 6 on the James Bay Road, there is a checkpoint where travelers are asked to stop and register.  In addition to being provided with important information about the road and the region and[…]

Just a fraction of our gear loadout

Preparations Continue

It’s proving to be a busy week for us as we prepare for our upcoming trip to the James Bay region of northern Quebec.  In addition to taking care of our day-to-day responsibilities like work[…]


Forward into the Past

The new year is right around the corner.  There are a lot of things about to come to fruition (or a head, depending on your point of view) in Vermont’s energy landscape.   Construction of Kingdom[…]