Day 7 – Chisasibi

It was our last day of production in the James Bay region.  We took a little while in the morning to get our gear in proper order before heading out; yesterday’s 16-hour day had further[…]


Day Five: Hydro-Quebec (LG2)

We weren’t scheduled to meet with the representatives from Hydro-Quebec until shortly after midday, so we took advantage of the free time to catch up on data logging, blog posting and equipment management.  We were[…]


Day Four: Radisson to Chisasibi

When we woke up, the wind had not abated; if anything, it had gotten worse.  We heard plow trucks clearing the parking lots outside and a quick glance out the window confirmed that sunlight would[…]


Day Two: The James Bay Road

At kilometer 6 on the James Bay Road, there is a checkpoint where travelers are asked to stop and register.  In addition to being provided with important information about the road and the region and[…]

Just a fraction of our gear loadout

Preparations Continue

It’s proving to be a busy week for us as we prepare for our upcoming trip to the James Bay region of northern Quebec.  In addition to taking care of our day-to-day responsibilities like work[…]