Day 7 – Chisasibi

It was our last day of production in the James Bay region.  We took a little while in the morning to get our gear in proper order before heading out; yesterday’s 16-hour day had further[…]


Day Five: Hydro-Quebec (LG2)

We weren’t scheduled to meet with the representatives from Hydro-Quebec until shortly after midday, so we took advantage of the free time to catch up on data logging, blog posting and equipment management.  We were[…]


Day Four: Radisson to Chisasibi

When we woke up, the wind had not abated; if anything, it had gotten worse.  We heard plow trucks clearing the parking lots outside and a quick glance out the window confirmed that sunlight would[…]


Day Two: The James Bay Road

At kilometer 6 on the James Bay Road, there is a checkpoint where travelers are asked to stop and register.  In addition to being provided with important information about the road and the region and[…]


Day Two: Matagami

We arrived at Matagami (Cree for “Where waters meet”) in the late morning.  This little town is the last settlement before the vast expanse through which the James Bay Road winds its way.  We made[…]

View from Halte Cartwright

Day Two: An Eventful Morning

I awoke suddenly, instantly alert, listening.  I wasn’t sure what I was listening for, but I felt the urge to listen intently immediately upon opening my eyes.  I had heard something in my sleep. It[…]

Lac Villebou

Day One: Vermont to La Vérendrye

Our plan for the first day of travel had us driving first to and through Montreal, then onward to the northwest through Val-d’Or, eventually arriving in Matagami, some 560 miles away.  In order to save[…]

give me the camera please


The first significant event on our journey north would happen not far from home, at the US-Canadian border.  A few months before leaving, we both realized that neither of us had the right documentation to[…]